"ONEm is looking beyond the smartphone market and is pioneering a new business which delivers rich content over native voice and SMS networks."

Jay Samit, Serial Entrepreneur

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“I fully believe in what ONEm is doing. This service ecosystem will make a difference into the market and will put Voice and SMS back into the game.”

Abdellatif Bouziani, CEO Smart Group
“ONEm is one of the rare companies that’s really seeking to engage in commerce in general, allowing people through backward compatible networks and services to conduct all sorts of transactions.”

Christopher Rischard, COO Docomo Digital
Reuters “Decades old technology can now help connect the unconnected, disrupt the mobile industry and have a positive impact on society through innovation.”

Reuters, News Agency
DK “ONEm is an emerging world giant in mobile telecommunications.”

Victor Amadala, journalist Dhahabu Kenya
CrowdScores “Our aim is to have more comprehensive and more accurate sports data than any established organisation and this partnership is helping us to do this.”

David Walker, CEO CrowdScores
“ONEm solutions fit with African needs. They help the African Governments to create employment for young people and business for small enterprises. With this ecosystem, the money made will stay in Africa.”

Mohamadou Arabani Saibou, CEO ESMT
“You not only bring the product to Africa, but you are also rolling it out to the market using your own unique ways and techniques. I told to myself: if these guys are putting all their efforts, I am going to put my own to support this product till the end, to help bring this product to the next level.”

Brenden Kechenje, COO Smart Uganda
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