An Ever Growing Mobile Ecosystem for Everyone Interactive SMS and Smart Voice Services with Global Reach

ONEm ecosystem

We are building a Mobile Ecosystem of first of a kind interactive services, that will transform the way people communicate, and get access to information on any mobile. We partner with Mobile Operators and Content Providers to make our services available to everyone.
Introducing Internet-like Services

SMS connects people everywhere and is available on any type of mobile phone. What if it could do more? Now you can create your own global content to share with your social or business network, group message people instantly in another language, get your global ONEm name, read news and so much more. Even when you are not connected to Internet.
postBoard Postboard Community Bulletin Board for everyone to participate. Create 140 text posts on a topic of your choice to share publicly or privately. Share posts with your friends to like and comment.
postBoard In line translation Fun and new way to communicate and learn a different language. Communicate instantly from one language to another in your private chats.
postBoard Group messaging Create groups and invite your friends to join. Everyone in the group will receive messages instantly in the same messaging thread.
postBoard Ping @name First ever unique global name for communicating with other ONEm users without sharing your mobile number. Message a friend using their global ONEm name or group name and instantly receive notifications.
Providing Advanced Communication Services

ONEm innovates with Voice technologies to revolutionize social communication. As a result, Mobile Operators provide their subscribers with smarter and easier interaction within one's network.

Apart from group messaging, ONEm users can engage in group calls, without any charges to the mobile. When calling one number, the phones of all group members will ring instantly. To start a call, subscribers can send #call followed by the name of the contact or dial the ONEm group number.
Extending Sweb for global business reach

Businesses of all sizes can grow reach and engage with new and exciting customers. The ONEm Sweb is a digital business directory on SMS, where businesses will have an array of tools to interact with their customers, and their customers can benefit in many ways from this interaction.

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