Multi Service Platform Smarter communication and services on any mobile

There is a great opportunity to unlock an untapped potential for a global mobile service that can empower 5.8 billion users.

ONEm designed a revolutionary solution to cater for a global market with no risks involved and no changes to the existing infrastructure.

People can now communicate in a completely new way through simple interaction. The smart, dynamic engines behind the platform operate on behalf of the users. They connect people with information, services and content across all types of networks and on any type of mobile device.

ONE innovative platform allowing:
  • interactive group connectivity available for the first time without Internet
  • smart engines to provide customizable events notifications according to personal user settings
  • tailored services according to user and business needs
  • the first-ever intelligent machine to work on a global scale: interprets user intentions and presents simple, interactive and unique ways to meet necessities and expectations

ONEm integrates Internet features in the convenience of core mobile networks.

Mobile operators can take advantage of their infrastructure and provide access for 5.8 billion mobiles to enjoy global, meaningful connectivity and personalized services according to user preferences.

Fast deploy. No app install, no CAPEX required.

ONEm’s strong partnerships with content providers, Governments, NGOs, developers and brands enhance the potential for innovation in the way services are offered.

  • Internet benefits incorporated in the smart platform
  • no infrastructure investment needed
  • innovative voice, text and data services
  • personalized communication, content and tools

Intelligent community services, exclusive international and localised content available on the platform, ready to benefit everybody.

Companies can reach new audiences and generate extra revenue streams. Services in line with businesses and user needs are continuously being added to the ONEm ecosystem.

A vast category of services are already accessible instantly.

postBoard Education
postBoard Fun
postBoard Travel
postBoard Events
postBoard Information

Smart content is available to users in a way that has never been done before. ONEm created a dynamic intuitive engine for displaying tailored news with regular updates.

Users can create profiles, search and engage with big name content providers like Reuters, Bloomberg, Wikipedia and millions of local content providers available in every small city.

Connecting with friends and various social groups without worrying about data usage or phone specifications is now possible.

Communication has never been easier and more reliable.

Mobile users enjoy numerous ways to interact with each other:

  • xGroup: Easy group text messaging and calling. Perfect for business people, co-workers, students, group activities and teams.
  • P2P: Peer-to-peer messaging and calling. Ideal for friends, families and communicating abroad.
  • #msg: Message other ONEm members via their unique single service code.
  • #call: Multiple possibilities for calling through the ONEm platform, xGroup or ONEm mID.
  • Postboard: Interactive social and classified post service using integrated text and voice. Identity protection guaranteed.
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