frequently asked questions

01. What is ONEm?


i. is a global platform that enables mobile operators to use their existing assets to provide an ecosystem of services.

ii. is a TTO (Through The Operator) service that works exclusively through Mobile Operators.

iii. partners with many content and service providers who would like to reach a wider audience.

This wider audience is possible because SMS and Voice are available on every mobile and every mobile operator network.

Mobile Operators benefit because they offer the service to their subscribers and benefit from the many revenue streams generated from the service and content passing through the platform.

02. Why is ONEm different from a VAS Service?

Most VAS services:

i. relate to a single or a suite of services that operate over one or several short codes.

ii. are push technology where at scheduled times information is pushed to the user.

iii. lack interactive dialog with the user and most don't have much in the way of personalization.

iv. don't normally combine SMS and voice services nor do they provide P2P or Group messaging and calling capabilities.

v. are local in nature and are not based on a global strategy. The short code business has spawned many VAS services globally and the internet has adversly affected their relevancy.

ONEm's platform literally transforms SMS and GSM/CDMA voice into interative engines. The services on ONEm follow a methodology for creating dialogs with the user.

Users own their own identities on ONEm that they can use globally. These identities can be messaged or called directly.

Identities can be mapped to many users thus giving ONEm the ability to be used as a group messaging or calling engine.

In short ONEm is an Ecosystem that has a constant stream of new services which will be introduced globally across the ONEm network.

Mobile Operators need to connect to one platform and have hundreds of services become available over time.

03. How can a Freemium Service generate new Revenues?

The Freemium model doesn't mean that everything is free, it just means that many things are free. But this provides exposure to the paid services.

Free services that are useful attract people to use the platform regularly and frequently.

This grows a user base as more people connect with each other through community and social services.

These freemium users start to develop habits in using a free service because it is easy and fast.

From this base many people would like to enjoy the extra power and capabilities of services that will cost a very small amount of money.

Since ONEm works over existing assets the investment by the Mobile Operator is Nil. Normally many mobile operators give unlimited SMS in their netrwork as well as unlimited internal calls.

ONEm creates value because now the SMS can provide value other than simple P2P text messages.

The amount that the Mobile Operator will charge from Plus, Power and Premium services need not be high thus making small amounts of money monthly from many users.

As the Ecosystem grows there are more and more opportunities for external services to deploy on the ONEm network and Mobile Operators as partners will benefit form these relationships.

04. What about Cannibalisation?

Already the Mobile Operator's services are being cannibalised by OTT services and the many alternatives people have for communicating with each other.

For ONEm the Mobile Operator sets pricing and will also determine what level of Voice services will be deployed. SMS services are to be Zero Rated as they will form the backbone of the ONEm platform's behaviour. Voice is used to deliver a number of premium audio services.

Explore is for all of the Mobile Operators users and is free, to the Mobile Operator and to the end user. Most networks already provide unlimited SMS in their network so ONEm's impact is only positive. Users will be able to send and receive SMS messages through the ONEm platform to any ONEm member in the world. This is the same behaviour they have from any internet based service and ONEm should not be anything less.

The prices for different capabilities such as group calls and audio services will depend on the relevant capacities and conditions in the Mobile Operator's network.

These services will be priced by the Mobile Operator at a level where the Mobile Operator will earn revenues.

05. Does ONEm have a Roaming Solution?

Prices for roaming are dropping around the world. ONEm has features that allow the Mobile Operator's users to continue using their ONEm Ecosystem even while they travel. Since SMS's are sent back directly to the Mobile Operators home MSCS ONEm will continue to work just as if it were in the local network.

The #call [name],[name] or #call [group] launched from an SMS will work also. In this case the call will originate from the Mobile Operators home network and the call will be considered a long distance call made from the Mobile Operator's network to the Roaming user.

Contact us if you are in roaming and can integrate ONEm into your business.

06. Does ONEm use the Mobile Operator's wholesale services?

ONEm does have campaigns where users can get rewards by using certain services. Where Mobile Operators don't have unlimited internal call, these rewards can be given in terms of voice minutes where these minutes can be used to call anyone outside of the ONEm network.

Contact us if you are in wholesale and can integrate ONEm into your business.

07. How will ONEm be promoted?

Aside from SMS campaigns ONEm will invest and work together with the Mobile Operator on a number of local campaigns to educate users about the network.

Analytics: ONEm's Operator Portal provides detailed analytics that are used to tailor the ONEm services on the Mobile Operator's network.

There will be substantial BUZZ created by the Partnerships that ONEm has and will have with big content players.

The power of what a user can access over a simple SMS and how this can work for them in any situation is unprecedented. The viral spread of ONEm as a fun and useful service will be substantial.

Contact us if you are in marketing and can integrate ONEm into your business.

08. Why should a Mobile Operator adopt ONEm?

First of all ONEm's services are exciting, unique and don't cost anything for the Mobile Operator. ONEm is like having a whole new channel without investing in any infrastructure.

Also ONEm adds big value to the Mobile Operator's network as an alternative way to communicate. This will undoubtedly put the pressure back on OTTs who are having a free ride on the Mobile Operators network.

ONEm is also customisable. The Mobile Operator can have their own services.


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a Your Account
b Promotions
c Customer Support
d Buy Credits
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Contact us to discuss the steps in becoming a ONEm partner.

09. Where does ONEm get its content and service?

We have a major framework that allows developers to create very sophisticated interactive services using both SMS and Voice (MMS is soon to be added).

In the near future ONEm will be opening up development Hubs in big countries such as China, India and the US and in major regional areas such as Africa. We already have a presence in Romania and Dubai.

Currently our own developers are turning out services some of which are tied to our own content and other to content from third parties.

ONEm has partnered with the big names like Reuters, Bloomberg and Al Jazeera. Each one of these partners brings something really special to the ONEm platform. They have both Freemium services as well as Premium services.

ONEm has a special relationship with Wikipedia. We provide wikipedia free to all users. This service has many unique features and more are being added.

We are adding partners all the time as we are on a continual lookout for both local and global popular content and services.

Contact us if you are a content provider and would like to be on our platform.

10. How can we See ONEm in Action?

We are currently providing free connectivity to ONEm to all Mobile Operator to use the Explore and promotional use of Plus and Power service without any charges for the remaining of 2016.

Connectivity to the platform is simple and straight forward. Our engineers with the help of the Mobile Operator's technical team can create secure connections in a matter of hours. After a few days of testing the services can be released live to the Mobile Operator's subscribers.

Contact us to discuss how we can connect and provide you with the ONEm service Free.

11. What is the Business Model?

We work on a Revenue Share Model. The details are discussed and agreed upon with our account managers.

We provide Explore for free for all of the Mobile Operator's subscribers.

Our contracts are very much oriented to the Mobile Operator being truly a satisfied partner.

Revenues: Revenues come from the sale of subscriptions of the Plus and Power tiers. They also come from individual Premium Services such as Group Calls and some audio services.

Other Revenues: ONEm also has other ways where revenues will be shared with the Mobile Operator. These will come later in the evolution of the platform. Commercial Affiliates for shopping, shipping, hotels, car rentals, branding and Enterprise services etc.

Contact us to discuss our business model.

12. What about regulatory restrictions?

ONEm is working closely with regulators. Many of ONEm's service do not fall under regulatory control since they are internal and SMS based. ONEm can work from a short code and can provide connectivity solutions that make ONEm compliant with local regulations.

Contact us to discuss how we can work through regulatory issues.

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