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There are countless numbers of micro and small businesses around the world who are almost completely left out of the business information revolution. It is not only a matter of cost, but also about time and visibility. As a result, marketing can be a constant struggle for them.

When it comes to cost, most small businesses just don’t have the money to participate in the same league as larger companies. Even paid social media can be too costly for the size of business. They may not even have access to the Internet nor many of their customers.

Also, imagine the amount of time a small business has. It is usually limited, and many times the only employee is the owner. These businesses simply don’t have the time or marketing know-how to delve into the intricacies of maintaining a website or a blog. So they invest, if they can, in small advertisements, or in directories.

Even when they do manage to create a media presence, for the effort, who is going to see them amongst all of the other more influential and proliferate media noise – they just don’t get the visibility return for their marketing investment.

These small businesses rely most of the time on passing traffic and their existing customer base. They struggle to gain new customers and even more to keep the ones they have managed to attract.



marketing small businesses on sweb


Outside of customer relations, the most valuable marketing asset they possess are the external signs and presentation of their small business. On this little piece of real estate they display their name and contact information. As for their presentation, you can either see a display of goods or more information about what the business offers.

Usually, these small businesses offer convenience and probably some of the best customer relations. What they lack is a stronger marketing potential to attract new customers outside of their immediate area. Also, a cost effective means to interact and track a system of rewards and benefits for their existing customer base.

Customer loyalty technologies of this kind provide a way to manage rewards. At the same, basic analytics are too costly and difficult to manage for small businesses. Paper stamp loyalty cards, although effective for customer retention, don’t provide additional customer information to let a small business understand anything about their customer’s habits.


Introducing ONEm’s Sweb, the new search engine via SMS


ONEm’s Sweb for Business provides a unique marketing tool for these small businesses.  They can deploy a sophisticated customer loyalty program with a personalized rewards system, customer analytics and a way to communicate and interact with both new and existing customer.

The only requirement for the small business and its customer is a basic mobile phone with SMS, which is almost a certainty in most countries .

The whole Sweb for Business system is easy to deploy in any market either through the mobile operator or as a stand-alone short code business.

The basic Sweb for business service provides businesses with two-way interaction and a basic customer loyalty system where the business can manage personalized promotional offers.

Businesses have their own SMS Sweb Name much like a web domain name that contains searchable information about their company. To add more, they can share information about products & services, location and display a way to communicate either by messaging or calling. Just like the web businesses, these small businesses will be able to monitor their sweb views, keep track of contacts, and communicate with their customers.

Every person in the country on any mobile will be able to search and interact with businesses through an easy to use Sweb search engine via SMS.  This new search engine keeps personalized profiles with interaction history and business contacts for easy future reference.

Swebs are global, thus anyonefrom any of the growing number of countries where the ONEm service is becoming available, can search them.


Real benefits of Sweb for any small business or big

  • SMS & Voice based – no Smartphone, no APP, no updates nor downloads

  • Technically, all mobiles can use Sweb for Business (5.8 billion mobiles)

  • Sweb for business can work through Short Code or ONEm 15 digit mID’s with the Mobile Operator

  • Local services are accessible globally over the ONEm network

  • The smallest micro business can benefit tremendously and needs only a basic mobile


Businesses have a Sweb name *business_name which is unique in their immediate area and can be accessed globally. Customers have their own @onem_name and profile. If enabled on the Mobile Operator’s network, users can use their @name to communicate as their personal address globally by text or voice.

Businesses will love the many bolt-on-services that can extend the power of their Sweb services: Booking & Appointments, Credits & Payments, Loyalty Point System, Deliveries & Dispatch, Sweb Catalogue and Blockchain transaction verification. All these features can make such a big difference in marketing for a small business.


sweb business system for small business


ONEm is currently deploying the service as a Franchise Model for entrepreneurs who want to be part of an exciting new business system.

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