going beyond mobile apps to enhance mobile accessibility and functionality

Going beyond mobile apps to improve mobile accessibility and functionality

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Is it any wonder that many of us equate our mobile phones to extensions of ourselves? Mobile phones have evolved from products to status symbols, a lifestyle choice and a brand. The functionality and services available on a mobile device are so numerous that there is now a popular saying, ‘There is an app for that’. Speed and accessibility have increased at a furious rate. This is the natural consequence of technological advancement fueled by ever growing customer demands. But how many mobile apps can one single mobile user have to satisfy his needs?


This question bring us to another one: is there anything new, that will improve accessibility and functionality even further and negate some of the issues that are still apparent with mobile phone use?


Even in the UK, there are persistent issues. There are areas, both remote and in cities, where there is no or inadequate Internet connection. So mobile apps cannot offer what the user needs. If the user needs to be contacted, it is essential that there is a robust communication platform, that works regardless of location or Internet status. The ONEm service will provide this.


ONEm goes beyond mobile apps. The service is simple to administer and you are able to use any device. For a small or startup company, there is no CAPEX needed, just set up your staff in a group and call the group. There is no need for Internet, no need for conference call numbers, nor signing in and remembering the time. All you need is to be included in the group, then you are able to have group calls and messaging. Staff are contactable even if they are ‘on the road’. Family members spread out through the country will be able to chat or message and enjoy other Internet style services, all without relying on Internet access.


By creating this global solution, ONEm enables mobile users to enjoy group chats with work colleagues, friends and family. No mobile apps needed. The service works entirely through voice or text messages. Those Internet black spots do not get in the way of talking to loved ones, business or urgent communication.


Bringing new and exciting services to the whole of the UK, ONEm is enabling your mobile phone to do more. All ONEm services are available to anyone with a mobile, Smart or Feature, so experience it today! Text #onem to 07537 415 582 to get started.


Contact us for any further information at info@onem.com.

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