PostBoard, a free community board on any mobile available globally

PostBoard: free community board available on any mobile

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The place for people to post a message has served them for times immemorial; a wall, a well trafficked place, a community board, where people can search and read not one but many messages that are of interest to their wants and needs.

The 100+ billion dollar classified market started in the 1700s, with small sections in gazettes and newspapers dedicated to ads. In the 1980s, all classified ad publications appeared. In the 1990s, the Internet emerged as the premier contender for the classified ad space. Eventually, after the year 2000, it overtook in many markets printed media in terms of reach and revenues.

As a result, people gained tremendous value from communicating their wants and needs through various mediums. Moreover, a shadow economy appeared, worth hundreds of billions of dollars for the users who sold almost anything imaginable.

Craigslist started as an e-mail list on the Internet in 1995, and grew into a powerful web service spanning over 70 countries. Today people and industries post over 80 million classified ads every month, 1 million job offers, 200 million forum messages, with over 50 billion views.

This is great news for the 3.6 billion people with Internet access and the 1.8 billion on mobile data. But what about the 3.7 billion people who don’t have any access to the Internet or the 3 billion mobiles without data?

Providing access to a free community board

Each community board is filled with personal classified because of the focused reach. And this is hard to attain on the Internet. The biggest danger of the Internet is that it allows users to create an identity without responsibility.

Imagine a free community board, a safe and secure PostBoard only with relevant posts. And all you need is SMS to post, filter and search, comment, rate, connect by voice or message without sharing your mobile number. However, if the account is tied to the MSISDN, a user can ultimately be identified. Even the big Internet services realize this, and they use mobile MISIDNs to authenticate user ownership of accounts, thus providing ultimate traceability.

ONEm has launched a free global Postboard service which is available to users Through The Operator (TTO). We have created what could be the biggest classified ad platform in the world. The scability of such a service is enormous. It is able to serve 4.8 billion mobiles through Mobile Operators who are partnering with ONEm to deliver the service. The revenue model for operators is on the premium services which give private person to person calling, private postcodes, postboxes and message and call threads.

What’s most important, with ONEm’s Postboard, the Mobile Operator earns and plays a key role. This service delivers all inclusive, a public and private forum, classified ads, postcodes, micro-email, intra-voice communication tool. Probably the best of them all, users can even access their home country’s Postboards while abroad.

A global mobile community board for everyone

The community board service, Postboard, will appeal to individuals, companies, organizations, newspapers using postcodes tied with their traditional classified ads, governments for posting public notices, NGO’s for posting private field staff messages and public forum notices.

This is the ideal tool for coordinating, sharing and securely communicating with users and customers. Even brands can use it. The possibilities are endless because the content is driven by users.

To find out even more about PostBoard, get in touch with us or drop us a line on Facebook.

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