Better mobile user experience and interactive SMS services for AT&T subscribers

Enhanced mobile user experience for subscribers of AT&T

Published by ONEm Media

With 146 million subscribers, AT&T is known as the world’s largest telecom company, and one of the most valuable brands. Therefore, we are proud to say we have just partnered with AT&T. ONEm will start to provide American subscribers with better mobile user experience, and interactive SMS and audio services.

Our ecosystem of innovative services is now available across the United States of America. ONEm’s platform is a perfect match, and a necessity for those 18% of Americans who still own basic phones. There are also a lot of Americans who miss the days when charging their phones was not a constant priority.

“We are expanding the ONEm reach to over 30 other mobile operators in Africa and Asia.  There are more than 46 million immigrants in the USA where our partnership with AT&T can provide a channel back to their family and friends many of whom are only on basic mobile services.”

Christopher Richardson, co-Founder and CEO of ONEm

Interactive SMS services and better mobile user experience for positive change


AT&T’s brand mission is to connect people in any moment of time, and regardless of their location. This successful mobile operator always strives for more, and better. Therefore, ONEm’s interactive SMS services will give them the ideal means to address the real wants and needs of their subscribers. The new mobile user experience will provide Americans with more valuable, and smarter communication, on any mobile device.

ONEm’s advanced group chat, and group voice communication will be extremely popular among Americans. Through our strong partnership with content provider Bloomberg, we are also giving people a way to access essential financial information, and run calculations with intuitive, easy-to-use tools. The #news service will facilitate people’s interaction with their favourite news channels. Imagine this is only the start.

All ONEm’s services are interactive, intuitive, and always at one’s fingertips. But there is more to this ecosystem. It doesn’t rely on apps, nor mobile data. It is self-sustaining, users can extend their battery life, and keep their personal data private. Better mobile user experience and security for everyone.

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