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5 reasons to get your ONEm name

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It is hard to be unique in a global virtual world, especially online. It is not out of the ordinary to find that your account name, username or email address of choice is taken, a few hundred times over – being “Philip235” or “Emily445” has become somewhat of the norm. In fact, it seems more rare for someone to have one unique name or the same email address “tag” throughout all personal accounts.

Aren’t you tired of not being the first? Being the original “Philip” or “Emily”? ONEm are giving mobile users the opportunity to create their unique names for the first time on mobile. Be the first to claim your ONEm unique name before someone beats you to it!

Claiming your unique name and joining ONEm’s Global Network

Today, people communicate with the entire world without the need to travel or even leave the house. Being part of a global network like ONEm, gives you this opportunity to communicate with others and so much more.

The beauty is in its simplicity. ONEm services work over core mobile network channels, across any mobile phone, but their capabilities are so much more advanced than what you’d expect of the traditional mobile feature phone. ONEm has created “SuperSMS”. All of a sudden, your SMS is able to perform a variety of functions that has never been available before – it gives you the latest news, allowing you to communicate in groups, browse Internet content – all without need for the Internet or app.

5 reasons to choose your ONEm name

1. Be the first

Disappointed of being “Philip235”? Now’s your chance to be the original you. Your ONEm name identifies you uniquely in the ONEm ecosystem around the world. It is the name that sets you apart from any other ONEm user – ONEm names cannot be duplicated – so if you want to get your desired name, you’d better hurry up!

2. Unlock services & exclusive features

Your ONEm name is your key to the ONEm ecosystem. After setup, you will have access to ONEm services such as ‘Tag’, a messaging service to chat with friends and family using your uniquely created ONEm name. This establishes an easier way of chatting to other ONEm members individually or when broadcasting messages to multiple recipients. More than that, you will unlock extra capabilities of other services such as the ONEm PostBoard where you will be able to add posts for the first time – classifieds, notices and reviews/recommendations.

3. Group chats

Every user of ONEm can use his unique name to chat to others in groups as well as individually. Tell your friends and all claim your ONEm names today to begin group chatting, without the internet. For example text @ (your friends ONEm name/group name) followed by the message.

4. Integrated with in-line translation

ONEm features enhanced capabilities that many popular applications don’t have yet, such as in-line translation – with your ONEm name, you can message friends, work colleagues, in your language to any other language of choice. Your ONEm name can be integrated with other ONEm services too, for a streamlined user experience.

5. Personalised alias

Your unique name can be whatever you want and it protects you on the ONEm platform. Your unique name is your identification when using the ONEm services; you will not have to provide your personal details when using services apart from your full name during account setup; only your ONEm name is visible to others. The personalisation of your unique name gives you ownership of your ONEm account and provides full use of the services, not to mention the bragging rights when you beat your friends to the top of the leaderboards.

The ONEm service is new and so ONEm names are ready and waiting to be set up and claimed. Don’t be the one who misses out this time around, claim your ONEm name today!

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