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ONEm has created a Global Multi-Service Platform thats allows Partner Mobile Operators to provide innovative services using their existing core SMS and Voice infrastructure. We provide first of a kind interactive services and user generated content on the mobile. We are continously developing our own services and working with Partners to bring new experiences to the mobile.

We are proud to be an Associate Member of The GSMA, the organisation that looks after the best interest of more than 800 Mobile Operators globally. As an Associate member we have been recognised for our outstanding participation, four years running in Mobile World Congress, the biggest annual Telecommunication event. We were invited by The GSMA to speak on a panel at GSMA 360 Africa on 'Sustainable and Innovative Solutions'. ONEm won the Award for 'Technology Innovation' from Entrepreneur Magazine in the UAE.

Our People

Our people and partners are the secret to the growth of our business.

We work in a fast-paced, challenging and rewarding environment and our people bring significant energy and know-how that is required to create positive global social impact.

Our people have demonstrated persistence and a 'can-do' attitude that are the key drivers to success.

The Executive Team collectively have more than 50 years experience in the Telecommunication Industry and have witnessed first hand the transformation of traditional mobile and technological innovations. They see a need for Mobile Operators and other Stakeholders in the Mobile ecosystem to work together and adapt to the changing landscape if they are to remain relevant.

The Partners are visionaries who are pioneering a new business model to transform the way millions of people communicate and accumulate knowledge. They believe in repurposing existing technologies with new innovative solutions to create a new market. Telecommunication Industry will no longer be limited to communication but so much more.
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