One smart solution, multiple interactive services to meet versatile needs Allowing for the first time true global communication and instant information on demand for 5.8 billion people

introducing postBoard - the interactive social and classified post service using smart integrated text and voice Post and search info, interact with people and brands, advertise, sell and buy goods.

meet xGroup - ONEm turns ordinary voice into a powerful group messaging and calling tool with a single number. Unlimited group communication without relying on apps nor Internet. Perfect for business, activities, students and teams.

empowering mBrands - Grow brand awareness at lightning speed. Be present on any mobile phone in the world. ONEm offers people a way to get immediate information, call or interact with a business and brands a voice to reach billions of potential consumers.

more dynamic services in ONEm's portfolio -
new services and technologies are continuously incorporated in our platform. ONEm's ecosystem enables mobile operators to always provide modern, tailored service packages.
postBoard Education Wikipedia/Quizzes/ E-learn/Podcasts
postBoard Fun Jokes/Games/Radio/ Hangman/Stories
postBoard Travel Taxi/Buses/Flights
postBoard Information News
postBoard Tools Exchange/Market/ Translate
postBoard Social Group calling & messaging/ Postboard
postBoard Events engine Reminders/Notifications
postBoard Productivity To-do/Notes
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