Intelligent-Service-Platform Smart Voice & Interactive Engines

Through partner mobile operators users can connect to each other with their membership ID for unlimited conversations either person to person or as a group. Group or person to person Calls can be launched through the mobile's contact manager or ONEm's cloud based contact manager triggered by a simple SMS.

Any of the interactive engines can embed Person to Person or Group Calls, Text-To-Speech, Streaming or Play Audio services in any kind of interactive service.

Xxgroup xGroup (Group Calls) #msg [name,name] or [group] A service to create and manage groups for one number (mID) unlimited calling and messaging and across the ONEm network.
Using a single group identity ( mID ), all messages sent in this group will be sent to all members of the group. Useful for group chat and discussing group activities such as checking group member's availabilities for a weekly football match.
X Call #call (SMS Call) #call Trigger P2P and group calls via SMS. #call name name name sets up group calls.
X Radio Radio #radio Hundreds of different streaming radio stations that span the globe and are in many different languages.
X Stories Stories #stories Once upon a time... many neat stories available to listen to chapter by chapter with user personalization to keep track of bookmarks and what has been read.

There are an unlimited number of intelligent interactive services that the intelligent-service-platform can support. Services are interactive and intuitive so user's can easily obtain the information they are seeking.

What is important is that all services are easily accessed through a single point of entry with the platform.

Content from providers and that generated by users can be shared interactively. Both companies and individuals can benefit from services like Postboard and Branding.

XPostboard Postboard #post Community message board for adverts, buy/sell or public/private notices.
The postboard is a community driven bulletin board where any user can post anything they like whether its business or social. They have a choice to make public or private postings. People can search posts for relevant things they are looking for. They can call or message the poster, leave comments and rate the post so others can learn something about the post.

This is a great community tool for everybody to benefit. Much like classified ADS users can buy and sell things, they can post services or just post news about things that are happening.

The postboard is self regulating because users can easily be identified through the platform. Also user comments and ratings will help others navigate the posts.

Xp2pmessaging P2P Messaging #msg [name] Peer-to-peer messaging, free to use and only for ONEm members.
The first time ever that a normal SMS can send group messages globally to other users over the ONEm network. ONEm many people (many mID's). ONEm also has many inline services such as #trans for translations. There are many more such unique in message services on the way.
Xreuters Reuters #reuters Global and local news in 19 languages from the largest multimedia news company.
The Reuters service provides an in-depth news service where the user can select News Channels (Regions and Interests), search for key words, age of the news, and set personalized pre-search reading list views that can be accessed quickly. All Reuters News articles are tagged by special sports, codes and event codes even if that word does not appear in the document.
X Bloomberg Bloomberg #bloomberg Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas.
X Al Jazeera Al Jazeera #aljazeera Bringing topics to light that often go underreported, giving a 'voice to the voiceless.'
X ANA African News Agency #ana Reports produced to a standardised, newswire quality with emphasis on accuracy and clarity.
Xwiki Wikipedia #wiki [keyword] Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia written by the people who use it.
Wiki allows users to search for pages, get random pages and play a wiki guess game.

The text is presented in an outline format which is easy to navigate and users will be able to find text in the pages that they have loaded.

Later versions will have audio speak and other neat games and services such as xClone where students will be able to see exactly what a teacher is navigating through on a master mobile device.

XFootball Frenzy Football Frenzy #frenzy Addictive game where users engage in predicting game scores for prizes.
Football Frenzy lets users predict the English Premier League scores on matches, competing with each other as to who is better at predicting the games. Users predict Win, Loose or Draw as well as the actual score. Each will give different rewards in terms of credits which can be spent against ONEm services.

Users will also be able to see news related directly to the games which are being played as well as receive automatic notifications when the games are about to be played.

Xjokes Jokes #joke Access 30,000 jokes in a wide range of categories.
Share jokes with friends and family. Available in English with more languages to come .
Xhangman Words #word Word Definitions, synonyms and related games.
Find the definition of any word, synonyms, ryhms and word games such as Hangman and other guessing games.
Xnews News #news News feeds from local and global news & media content providers. Quick access to up-to-date news.
Quick access to up-to-date news. Ideal for busy people who are on the move but want to keep up with current affairs.
Xtranslate Translate #trans Translate up to 45 different languages in a simple interactive process via SMS.
#trans then set the Source and Target language in the profile then Start. Or #trans [text] if Source and Target have been set or #trans [Source Language] [Target Language] [Text] where [Text] can be left out. Reverse changes the Source and Target language. Languages are indicated by two letters.
Xmarket Market Place #market Connect local buyers and sellers to promote local goods/services.
Users can list and register interest to purchase goods. All transactions are done offline. Great for farmers and the agricultural community who want to buy and sell local produce.
Xexchange Exchange #exchange [amount] Get quick exchange rate conversions.
Set up source and target currency, then just send values to be converted and receive within seconds. Useful when shopping abroad and for business people comparing values of money.
X contacts Contacts #contacts Personal tool to save and manage contacts. New ways to call and message contacts.
Discover other users by searching their identities mapped to their ONEm account (i.e. local telephone number, email address)
Xweather Weather #weather [place] A full description of the weather based on the current or provided location.
Xtime Time #time [place] Get more information than just the time. Find out the sun set and rise and much more.
Discover the time in another country or city to communicate for personal and business use.