ONEm delivers a first of a kind global membership mobile service that enables Mobile Operators to be a different kind of player in the digital world.

More than just a traditional VAS service, ONEm repurposes SMS and Voice to perform more like internet applications and even more.

We develop and deploy high demand services that Mobile Operators and partner with content providers to transform their content to reach new mobile audiences.

We have created a way for SMS to be truly interactive integrating both voice and messaging to create unique audio services.

In short ONEm creates a way that Mobile Operator can play a direct role in providing Services and Content where they get direct benefits and no longer will they be operating as a "Dumb Pipe".


The "Dumb Pipe" context exists because of the OTT model where internet based companies benefit form the Mobile Operators infrstructure and the Mobile Operator gains no direct benefit from the service being deployed on their network.

ONEm has turned this completely around.

We coined the term TTO "Through The Operator" which counters the "Over The Top" business model with doing business Through The Operator.

Our business model is clearly taking into account a partnership with Mobile Operators where Content and Service providers provide through the ONEm platform clear benefits to the Mobile Operator.

Global Platform

Our platform possesses a scalability to be able to handle billions of transactions.

We have platforms in our own secure cages in four data centers, two in the UK, one in the USA and one in Hong Kong.

Our Team

ONEm has grown from three founders to eighty people spread over three continents.

We have a mixture of nationalities, skill sets and experience bases. What makes ONEm very exciting is that everybody in the company realizes that what we are doing is really a game changer.

All of our people know the difficulties faced in proposing a very different business model in an industry that is conservative, but they enjoy and look forward to the challenges.