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ONEm turns any mobile device into an empowering communication tool. Revolutionary voice and messaging tools with a social impact on a global scale

ONEm delivers a first of a kind global membership mobile service that enable mobile operators to be a different kind of player in the digital world.

Billions of users need a low cost, simple, yet powerful way to communicate globally, create, own, and share with unlimited access. From any mobile device, across any network and without any need of Internet.

This is why ONEm started a new trend with its groundbreaking technology.

Everybody can benefit from ONE intelligent multi-service platform with boundless communication possibilities and customized tools.

Mobile Users no matter where they are. Content and Service Providers no matter how big or small. Brands of every size. And, most of all, Mobile Operators can now monetize an existing infrastructure that is, by all accounts, underperforming.


We have a mixture of nationalities, skill sets and experience bases.

ONEm has grown from three founders to eighty people spread over three continents. What makes ONEm very exciting is that everybody in the company realizes that what we are doing is really a game changer.

All of our people know the difficulties faced in proposing a very different business model in an industry that is conservative, but they enjoy and look forward to the challenges.


We are completely turning around the existing over-the-top model

TTO vs. OTT: the "Dumb Pipe" context exists because of the OTT model where internet based companies benefit from the Mobile Operators infrastructure and the Mobile Operator gains no direct benefit from the service being deployed on their network.

ONEm has turned this completely around.

We coined the term TTO "Through The Operator" which counters the "Over The Top" business model with doing business Through The Operator.

Our business model is clearly taking into account a partnership with Mobile Operators where Content and Service providers provide through the ONEm platform clear benefits to the Mobile Operator.


Our platform possesses a scalability to be able to handle billions of transactions.

We have platforms in our own secure cages in four data centers, two in the UK, one in the USA and one in Hong Kong.

Honoured to be a part of the telecommunications community

We work for the benefit of Mobile Operators and proof of this is our membership in the GSMA where we have been active participants in every Mobile World Congress since 2013.

As a small company our participation is unique in that we are listed in the top 100 GSMA members in terms of participation.

We were recently involved as speakers in Mobile 360 in Dar Elsalam Tanzania (2016).

ONEm has memberships in the CTIA and OMA (Open Mobile Alliance).


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