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the top 3 smart services designed by ONEm We started a new trend in how to communicate and grow business
xGroup xGroup - voice and messaging engine for social communication Anyone can create national or international groups for easier communication. Any messages sent to the group will be just like modern Internet messaging services.

Call one number and the phones of all group members will ring instantly. Perfect for business people, students, group activities and teams.
postBoard postBoard - post, search, interact and share content 5.8 billion people can now use a unique, secure bulletin board to create content, advertise, sell and buy, post and find a job, read forum messages, socialize and access life essential services.

The service is attractive because it creates its own local content and the demand is driven by the users.
branding tool branding tool - global channel to promote businesses Smaller or bigger businesses are now able to create a global presence that provides exactly what a consumer needs to learn, share and engage with the brand owner.

Brands can display information in an interactive menu and integrate user call and message abilities to facilitate the interaction with their consumers.
Mobile Operators
Leverage your existing infrastructure and gain new revenues There are no changes required to the existing infrastructure. You can secure the loyalty of your users by providing them with modern intelligent tools for unlimited communication and interactive services to create, own and share content. Explore the possibilities »
Mobile Operators
Reach billions of people with personalized content in a simple way ONEm’s intelligent platform creates a world where 5.8 billion mobiles have immediate and instant access to time-saving services, brands and personalized content. Find out more »
Mobile Operators
Huge earning potential in a market with 1000 operators and 5.8 billion users Multi-service platform that addresses real needs of mobile operators, billions of users and content providers with limited competition. Proven innovative technology 100% functional on an existing infrastructure. Get in touch »
Mobile Operators
Unlimited access, instant reach and services at your fingertips Communicate, collaborate, organise, share and socialise in groups through an innovative multi-service platform. From any mobile device, any network and without any need of Internet. Take a tour of the services »
What sets ONEm apart Unlimited global services at one's fingertips: available for the first time "If you give people tools for unlimited communication and services to create, own and share content,
the opportunities and rewards are endless."

Christopher Richardson, CEO
  • Internet like experience on ordinary mobile
  • locally generated content with incentives
  • personalised and user driven content on mobile
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